Thurston County’s Center for Business and Innovation (CB&I) is looking to make it easier for local, small businesses to get the help and support they need to be successful with the launch of a new online portal, according to ThurstonTalk, a community social network covering Thurston County.

The portal will serve as a one-stop access point where small businesses can easily access a variety of resources and training videos, according to ThurstonTalk. Through the portal, businesses can access such assets as:

  • Resources specific to first-time business owners to help those interested in starting a business;
  • A new program called Quick Start-Up, which recently launched through the Washington Center for Women in Business;
  • Free, statewide training, made up of a combination of live instruction and modules, that is open to any business that has been in operation for two years;
  • The CB&I Consulting program in which a local Thurston County contractor is paired with those in need of services such as web development, accounting, or human resource services;
  • Help for established businesses navigate the process of obtaining government contract work.

"We are really trying to develop this entrepreneur ecosystem,” manager Sean Moore said in the update. “We want to make sure people are aware that there is support out there for them.”


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