Courtesy of Kindel via Pexels

At its Sept. 21 meeting, the Tacoma City Council adopted an ordinance that updates the city’s Rental Housing Code to line up with Washington’s just-cause eviction provisions that went into effect in May.

The updates, which are effective immediately in Tacoma, look to provide better tenant protections while supporting state and local law enforcement.

The new changes include a required 120-day notice to vacate/relocation assistance for low-income tenants when landlords change a building’s use, enacts substantial renovations, or plans to demolish a unit; a 60-day notice for a rent increase; a just-cause eviction requirement; and prohibiting the use of illegal provisions in rental housing agreements, according to the release.

The revised code also makes it so that landlords cannot retaliate against residents. It also allows for installment payments for numerous deposits and fees; gives the city authority to enforce violation; codifies relocation assistance if a building is determined to be uninhabitable; and ensures that landlords provide their tenants with informational packets, according to the release.

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