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A new analysis from Teamflow analyzing pandemic-driven remote work in the U.S. found that in Washington, 31.8 percent of adults reported that they lived in a household with at least one person teleworking because of the COVID pandemic. 

This finding places Washington as the state with the sixth-most highest number of people living with someone teleworking for COVID-related reasons. 

To determine its findings, Teamflow researchers used data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey. 

Per Teamflow, other notable Washington findings include: 

  • Total adults in households with a remote worker: 1,867,950

  • Percentage of adults in households with expected income loss: 13.1 percent 

  • Percentage of adults in households with difficulty paying expenses: 23.3 percent

  • Median household income: $78,687

For more information, head to Teamflow’s website.