Most Pacific Northwesterners are rejoicing in the return of spring and the increase in daylight it will bring. For many, the seasonʼs longer days herald the purging of unwanted or unused items as part of the ritual of spring-cleaning. However, no matter how many dusty tomes we prune from our home libraries and hand off to Goodwill or secondhand bookstores, the more we seem to want to collect. Because weʼve found no cure for this ailment, weʼve decided to lean into the yen. Here are a few reads weʼve recently added to our freshly thinned shelves.

Iʼm Not Yelling: A Black Womanʼs Guide to Navigating the Workplace by Elizabeth Leiba Elizabeth

I'm Not Yelling.jpeg

Leiba’s powerful and unapologetic debut book homes in on Black women moving through predominately white corporate America. Leiba — a writer, college professor, podcast host, and advocate for Black businesswomen — offers up her own experiences in business along with those of other successful Black leaders who have risen above workplace discrimination. Topics include finding one’s voice, defeating impostor syndrome, addressing code switching, the politics of natural hair, the psychology of micro aggressions, mentorship, and more. Mango | $18.99

Uncopyable Sales Secrets: How to Create an Unfair Advantage and Outsell Your Competition by Kay Miller

Uncopyable Sales Secrets.jpeg

Local author Kay Miller has not only been the only woman on the sales team; she also has sold almost exclusively to men in the hardware and automotive industries. In the opening pages of Uncopyable Sales Secrets, Miller outlines her boss’s reluctance to take a chance on a woman and tells the story of the “disaster” that was her first sales call. Throughout her career, though, Miller has overcome myriad obstacles while also winning over her clients and becoming an award-winning salesperson and trusted expert. In this 176-page guide, Miller instructs readers how to “kick fear’s ass,” craft a personal brand, develop trust, follow up, and earn the “yes” of a successful deal. Sound Wisdom | $15.99

100 Ways to Say No: How to Stop Saying Yes When You Mean No by Nicole Monente

100 Ways to Say No.jpeg

Judging by her Instagram following of 85,000, Nicole Monente’s comical musings on life and the workplace strike a chord with her audience. Her takes on exclamation points in emails zoning out during Zoom meetings, changing into PJs by 5:01 p.m., and buying (but not using) a planner are witty and relatable — and likely played a major part in what landed her the book deal engendering 100 Ways to Say No. In this whimsical illustrated guide, Monente speaks directly to people pleasers, telling them it’s not only OK to say no when asked to do something they have no capacity for, but that it’s actually healthy. By the end of this 144-page guide, Monente will have readers saying no to their family, friends, bosses, co-workers, romantic partners, and even to themselves, and feeling a positive difference. Spruce Books | $17.99